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As a leading investment platform for institutional investors focused on real estate, debt, and infrastructure in the private sector, we have the knowledge and tools to help you achieve your investment goals. Our innovative approach gives us the ability to cover every aspect of the value chain, from sourcing and underwriting investments to managing assets and executing the exit strategy.

Alternative Investments​

We draw on our expertise to support institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, and family offices, promoting financial security and, in some instances, social prosperity through our outstanding investment strategies. This dual approach benefits our clients and communities in our target markets. 

ESG Integration

Empira’s clients include institutional investors who integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into their investment process. For many of them, promoting sustainability and bringing positive change through responsible investing is a key component of their investment strategy.

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Pangaea Life

Investments for a sustainable future

Who We Are

Pangaea Life Capital Partners AG, a joint venture between the Empira Group and die Bayerische, is a global investment manager specializing in sustainable investment solutions, with its registered office in Zug, Switzerland. 

As an expert partner, we stand both for successful and sustainable investments and agile, flexible and adaptable asset management. We set great store by long-term cooperation with our business partners and investors that is grounded in trust.

Our portfolios combine returns with environmentally and socially responsible investment strategies. Our services are directed towards both private clients and institutional investors, with a focus on transparency and sustainability in every asset class.

Blue Ecology: For Pangaea Life, blue symbolizes the embracing of change and the shared endeavor to create a better tomorrow.

Lahcen Knapp, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Empira Group

What We Do

Pangaea Life stands for more than just investment management. We are pioneers in the field of sustainable investments that focus both on returns and on helping our planet. Our mission extends to private, commercial and institutional investors around the world. With a focus on “Blue Ecology”, we prioritize progress and quality of life over ideology and exclusions.

Through Pangaea Life, our clients have the opportunity to invest transparently and impactfully. And our investors can see for themselves the positive influence of their investments at all times, whatever the asset class. In short:

We are pioneers in sustainable investment management

Our Investment Solutions

Sustainable Real Estate

We invest in sustainable real estate around the world, in particular in Germany’s major metropolitan areas. These buildings are distinguished by their high energy efficiency and provide publicly subsidized housing and daycare centers. In addition, we promote e-mobility concepts and ensure good local public transport connections.

  • Investment markets: Europe and the US
  • Investment strategy: Develop and hold, with a focus on sustainable housing.

Renewable Energy

We invest principally in renewable energy sources such as wind farms, hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems. Energy storage systems and energy-efficient projects are another key component of our investment strategy.

  • Investment markets: Worldwide
  • Investment strategy: The focus is on investments that are at a development stage, and we then aim to minimize risk through diversification. Integrating market-relevant developments at an early stage and making efficient use of capital help to maximize success. The investments also offer an inflation hedge to protect against inflation risks.

Our Commitment

From its inception, Pangaea Life has been committed to a sustainable vision. By consistently integrating ESG criteria into all our decision-making processes, we aspire to create investments that are economically shrewd, environmentally responsible and socially balanced. Environmental considerations and social responsibility in particular take center stage here.

How We Understand Sustainability

Sustainability is often associated with the color green. However, at Pangaea Life we see things differently. We stand for “Blue Sustainability” as represented by our investments. In contrast to the traditional green sustainability, we do not see the value of exclusions and prohibitions. For us, humans and nature are not opposites – they are one harmonious whole.

Our vision of blue sustainability is clear: we aim to encourage people and heighten their awareness that they possess crucial tools to bring about positive change in the world. We take the view that genuine sustainability puts people’s standard of living, freedom and creativity front and center – and this is precisely what makes it so effective. We focus on innovation, personal initiative and progress to collectively meet the current global challenges.

Through our products, we enable people to actively take responsibility and thus to shape a hopeful future for themselves, their loved ones and our planet.

Your Contact

Philip de Rooy, Investment Manager

Email: Philip.deRooy@empira-invest.com
Tel.: +41 41 728 75 24
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