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As a leading investment platform for institutional investors focused on real estate, debt, and infrastructure in the private sector, we have the knowledge and tools to help you achieve your investment goals. Our innovative approach gives us the ability to cover every aspect of the value chain, from sourcing and underwriting investments to managing assets and executing the exit strategy.

Alternative Investments​

We draw on our expertise to support institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, and family offices, promoting financial security and, in some instances, social prosperity through our outstanding investment strategies. This dual approach benefits our clients and communities in our target markets. 

ESG Integration

Empira’s clients include institutional investors who integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into their investment process. For many of them, promoting sustainability and bringing positive change through responsible investing is a key component of their investment strategy.

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Join a team of bright and passionate minds who are driven to develop groundbreaking solutions. We look for team-oriented professionals with strong integrity and leadership skills. We value creative thinkers who are eager to stake out new territory with us. This is central to our corporate philosophy and how we achieve great results.

Alternative Investment Solutions 

Meeting Your Goals With Knowledge, Data and Open Communication

Tailored Solutions For Your Individual Investment Strategy 

We offer innovative investment strategies that give you exclusive access to real estate, debt, and infrastructure investments in the private sector. Our AIFM (Luxembourg-based licensed management company) offers a full range of options for structuring your investments to meet regulatory requirements and the individual needs of each client. We consider your specific circumstances when developing customized investment solutions that can help you achieve your financial goals, whether you are looking for long-term growth, regular dividends, or portfolio diversification.

Our Asset Classes

Private Real Estate

Our real estate solutions rooted in the private sector are designed for institutional investors. Empira offers attractive opportunities for a range of risk/return profiles. We cover a broad spectrum of products and provide early access to the real estate investment value chain. Our experienced team leverages its skills to create investment solutions focused on value creation and inflation hedging. Our platform simplifies access to private participation in European and US real estate.

Private Debt

As a leading provider of private debt solutions, our expertise, security, and performance set us apart. We offer a broad range of personalized strategies including senior loans, joint ventures, and mezzanine financing. Our depth and experience position us as a trusted partner for debt investments.  

Private Infrastructure

Our private sector infrastructure investment strategy focuses on renewable energy and other projects that can contribute to more sustainable economies. Infrastructure investments can offer stable yields and, in some instances, a positive impact on communities. We focus on essential services with long-term contracts and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Results-oriented Planning to Meet Your Goals 

6 bn

Assets under Management – equity

3 bn

Assets under Management – debt

5 bn

Current development volume

10 bn

Real estate volume financed

Real Estate Equity Strategies

Core / Core+

Our core strategy aims for stable long-term returns by investing in prime locations and efficiently managing properties with high potential.


In value-add investments, we focus on properties with strong growth potential and apply "manage-to-core" or “transition-to-green" strategies to increase value.


This strategy promotes the sustainability and environmental performance of properties with a view to maximizing yields for investors.


We invest in development sites with the entitlements in place to build projects to hold in our portfolio for the long term.  


We identify one-off investment opportunities and implement strategic projects to add long-term value.

Land Development

We acquire development sites for future projects at competitive prices that hedge against inflation and offer significant appreciation potential.

Real Estate Debt Strategies

Senior Loan

High-value loans with low loan-to-value ratios (LTVs) and securitization strategies to minimize risk.

Whole Loan

Comprehensive loan solutions for established properties with a wide range of durations, locations, and first-rate collateral.

Mezzanine Finance

Temporary bridging loans for real estate and land acquisition, diversified with smart risk management.

Joint-Venture Finance

Short-term financing with project participation, diversified by type of use and geographic location.

Preferred Equity / Hybrid Finance

Access to capital through a combination of debt and equity, ideal for developers and investors.

Junior Debt

Junior debt refers to bonds or other forms of debt issued with a lower priority for repayment than other, more senior debt claims in the case of default. Because of this, junior debt tends to be riskier for investors and thus carries higher interest rates than more senior debt from the same issuer.

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