Langes Land


Munich, Germany



Introducing the Langes Land Urban Quarter in Munich-Feldmoching, a visionary urban development scheme centered around local train stations, infrastructure, and a retail hub. This project aims to enhance the quality of living by creating a highly green urban environment, incorporating garden areas along the railway line, private courtyards, and communal roof spaces. The development will also provide ample kindergartens, local shops, and a comprehensive mobility concept. Technical provisions such as district heating, photovoltaic systems, and green and acoustic design further contribute to the sustainability and comfort of the community. With 460 residential units incl. 48 subsidized rentals , 4 commercial units, kindergarten spaces, and 392 parking spaces, the Langes Land Urban Quarter will bring a new level of living to Feldmoching, while also offering future opportunities through the sale of eight building sites after development and site remediation.

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