Vienna, Austria



The project site, centrally located in Vienna, has planned development that includes the complete demolition of existing buildings once the last tenants vacate in 2024. The aim is to construct a contemporary office building with an underground parking facility. The surrounding area offers a wide range of dining options and various local amenities, further enhancing its attractiveness.

Green Space and Energy Concept: The project incorporates a green space design and an energy concept that prioritizes sustainability. This includes measures such as the use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient component actuation, deep drilling for geothermal energy, and the implementation of district heating and ceiling cooling systems.

ÖGNI Gold Certificate: The project has obtained the ÖGNI Gold Certificate, which signifies compliance with the high sustainability standards set by the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate.

Photovoltaic: The project includes the installation of photovoltaic systems to harness solar energy and generate clean electricity.